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Weekend FAIL


..yep I’m starting out this post with a sigh.

octagonal mirrors placed in a honey comb pattern on wall

Love honeycomb mirror / octagons ❤

I feel like I totally failed at the whole “take a break, it’s the weekend” thing. 

  1. I took someone’s advise to spend my weekend looking into getting my car fixed (that’s something you should deff only do while you’re at work, b/c otherwise it just makes you feel stressed all weekend long)
  2. I couldn’t figure out the whole “food” things. Since I rent a room, I really hate to cook in someone else’s home unless I’m supposed to (i.e. live-in nanny) but idk it’s just too weird. And my astronomical food budget (spent on out-to-eat food) has come to an end, so I finally just decided Lean Cusine’s and all their sodium will just have to be my best friends for the next 2 weeks. I hate how sodium/thirsty they make me.
  3. My boss is trying his hardest to screw me over at work b/c he likes to break/beat down people psychologically – I told the HR manager this A MONTH AGO but he didn’t believe me unitl he did a survey. Now he’s all, “if you apply for another position i’ll make sure your boss can’t stop you from getting it like he did this last time.” But now it’s like, “too late MOTHER FUCKER!!! There aren’t any other positions available now, they’re posted seasonally.”
  4. My boss wouldn’t get back with me on a solid criteria for getting the apt that is about to be available. So that stressed me out ‘cuz I knew he was us to something.
  5. My boss’ bitch told that my boss was looking to make me a Manager at the worst property that he had as a punishment for being so psychologically strong – he wants to break me, the end.
  6. So then I had a dream where God showed me that I don’t have to be afraid of getting a really bad property b/c I’ve got the fire, drive + energy to fix it up.
  7. He [God] also told me to be grateful b/c the apartment at the bad property might be much better than the one that’s currently available – how does this matter if my mom’s not gonna live w/ me til next year?
  8. Andddd that he [God] has more power than my boss, so don’t let him, my boss, stress me out/make me feel scared. He has to promote me at this point. So there’s that.

Good Things That Happened

  1. I realized I’m still young and still have a lot of fire in me
  2. Natalie Holbrook finally left NYC
  3. Went for a run w/ Winona
  4. Wrote this blog
  5. Successfully avoided annoying roommate
  6. Ate left-over food in the refrigerator instead of surviving off of bubble gum + marshmellows

Good reads…